BIO Clean®


Microorganisms are mostly unicellular organisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae etc. They survive as spores and be "activated" by environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pH etc) and food sources.
Microorganisms feed on fat, protein, starch, etc. so they metabolize dirt and odor molecules and build this for example into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

So Microorganisms are the oldest and most reliable cleaner nature!

All used microorganisms were identified using 16S rDNA sequencing and as biosafety class 1 as defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the risk group 1, as defined in the European Directive 2000/54 / EC, belonging confirmed!


Enzymes are "biocatalysts" and allow metabolism in all living things. There are a number of enzymes, in the BIO Clean products lipase and protease are used. Lipase causes the breakdown of fats, protease causes the degradation of proteins (proteins).

Enzymes assist the action of microorganisms in cleanser!